small image of weave chute

Training Weave Chute with 12 weaves




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- Made from 3/4" PVC Schedule 40 with twelve poles on each side
- The poles are spaced 24" apart
- 24" or 39" poles, rigid
- Weather resistance, UV stable, will not fade in the sun
- Easily to assemble, remove, store and transport. (If you used to play with tinker toys, its just like that!)
- Poles adjust for open channel or straight in a line
- Your choice of 3 striped solid or multi color 2" wide vinyl tape for 39" or one striped tape for 24" poles
- Net wt: 18 lbs

Start off introducing your dog to run through a channel, developing speed first. When your dog masters the channel drill, bring in the weaves closer, making the weaves more narrow, until the weaves are in a straight line, (see "View larger image"). A great training tool and a very affordable price.