small image of economic guide wires

Economical Guide Wires



- You can leave them outdoors year round and they won't fade or become brittle
- Made from PVC snap on. Very easy to use, snaps on and off without sliding up and down the pole
- The wire is designed to pop off if dogs run into or jumps over them. You will need 4 wires for 6 poles or 10 wires for 12 poles
- Go train your dog how to weave!
- Net wt: (4 wires) 3 lbs.

Due to several requests for 1" guides, I finally designed thicker 1/2" diameter white flexible tube guide wires. You order the right size guide wires to fit your weave poles. Select either the 1" guide wire or the 3/4" guide wire, one guide wire does not fit both weave pole sizes. For 3/4" guide wires, the pole must be measured at 1 1/16" OD (outer diameter); and for 1" guide wires, measured at 1 5/16" OD These economical guide wires are designed for 1" weave poles. I have also used the design for 3/4" weave poles.