Have you ever seen a border collie zig zag thru weave poles without missing a beat?  Awesome to watch?  But ... but....but many border collies, and of course, all types of dogs miss a pole or jump out.  In real competition dogs would be DQ or lose points.  Weave poles are one of the hardest elements for any dog, including border collies to learn.  Our yellow lab needed 300 repetitions and finally was weaving, well, actually, bobbing and weaving.  Below, we offer a variety of weaves for various methods of training, so you might ask yourself,  "Which is the best one to buy?"  The answer is none, there is no one better than the other.  Pick the one that you are comfortable with, or that you are using in agility class. Just be sure to have your own training weaves at home to practice everyday!




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- 6 poles
- Made from 1" PVC Schedule 40
- 6" pointed spike
- Choice of 24" or 40" tall poles
- 40" - Up to 3 tape colors of your choice
24" - one tape color of your choice
- Net wt. 20 lbs.