3/4" Guide Wires



New copper brass tube over plastic tube (neck) - this prevents from mishandling or dog plowing through the wire which could cause the plastic tube to bend or crack..

- White flexible wires 56" long, 3/16" diameter, attached to 3/4" PVC poles
- Very easy to use, snaps on and off without sliding up and down on the pole
- The snap on is designed to pop off if dogs run into or jump over them
- Just simply snap on again, and go train your dog how to weave
- You need 4 guide wires for 6 poles, or 10 for 12 poles
- To view the correct setup and new copper brass cover, click on "Zoom In" above
- Net wt: (6 poles) 18 lbs.

For 3/4" guide wires, the pole must be measured at 1 1/16" OD (outer diameter). To keep the guide wires in good condition, do not leave them exposed to the sun or extreme weather for a prolonged period of time as it may cause the wire to become brittle.