small image of 12 weave poles

12 Training Weaves PVC base



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** NEW **Can be use as a 2 x 2 training method! (click on "View larger image" to view)

- Made from 3/4" or 1" PVC Schedule 40
- Set of 12 poles
- Easy to assemble and remove, store and transport
- 24" or 39" poles, rigid
- Poles are spaced 24" apart
- UV-stable, will not fade in the sun, weatherproof
- Your choice of 3 striped solid or multi color 2" wide vinyl tape for 39" and one striped tape for 24" pole
- 6 garden stakes for stability
- Net wt. 18 lbs.
- Default tape color is medium blue and black

May be used for the 2 x 2 training method or setup as straight line weaves. This is our new design. We tested the 3/4" weaves on our fast aggressive border collies and it holds up! Low price, versatile, and efficient! Can leave outdoors year round. Notice the legs are set on the opposite side of where the dog runs though, so there is no interference.