Training Tools

Great teaching aids for young pups or new dogs on equipment.  Train indoors all year round with the Buja Board, Plank, Perch, or Hoops.  Our daycare doggies love to stand on the Perch or Plank.

Traveling Plank



- Train every where you go, load it up in your car and train any place you take your dog
- 8" by 48" wood; porch paint mixed with non-slip additives
- Great training for "2 ft. off, 2 ft. on" method
- Available in blue
- Net wt. 11 lbs.

Training Hoop



Purchase two of this product and enjoy an additional discount of $5.00

Many dogs love to jump and fly off the A-frame and Dogwalk, missing the yellow contact going up and/or on the way down. They're just like fearless kids, aren't they?

We have a fast flying border collie that has no fear. Is your dog one of them? I have seen a high percentage of dogs disqualified at trials from jumping off A-frame and Dogwalk. Unfortunately, our border collie was one of them. So, what could I do to help our border collie to "hit" the yellow contacts???
Great news....I found a solution to make our border collie touch the yellow. This training hoop is a great tool to help your dog learn to run all the way through, going up and coming down.
The training hoop is fitted for all sizes. You can lower the hoop to 28", and raise it up to 3 ft. However, if you still prefer lower or higher, I can make it for you. The cap on top of each stand are unglued so you can pour sand or BB pellets for better stability.
The tube is 56" long, and uprights 16" tall. Just simply slide in to lower and slide out to raise it.
Net wt: 4 lbs. each

Training Guide Wires



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-Due to several requests for 1" guide wires, I finally designed thicker 1/2" diameter white flexible tube, 56" long, that will fit on 3/4" and 1" pvc's
- You can leave them outdoors year round and they won't fade or become brittle
- Made from PVC snap on. Very easy to use, snaps on and off without sliding up and down the pole
- The wire is designed to pop off if dogs run into or jumps over them. You will need 4 wires for 6 poles or 10 wires for 12 poles
- Go train your dog how to weave!
- Net wt: (4 wires) 3 lbs.

Swing Plank


Shipping Charge TBD

- Swing plank consists of 20" by 48" non-skid surface, and 4 uprights with chains - Uprights are 15" high, bottom end bases are 40" wide - Bolts screwed... More 




- Use for teaching rear end awareness
- 12" by 12" wood; porch paint mixed with non-slip additives
- Available in blue
- Net wt: 5 lbs.

Heavy duty ground mat

Don’t let your outside equipment set in water.   Our heavy duty ground mat is 3/4" thick, with holes to drain out water.  Keeps your... More 

Buja Board


Shipping Charge TBD

- Outdoor paint with non-slip additives
- 36" by 36" square; 3/4" thick plywood
- Great training tool for puppies or motion sensitive dogs
- Board swivels on all 4 sides
- Underneath is 2 by 4's to fit basketball or soccer ball
- The more inflated the ball, the higher elevation of the board
- Balls are not included
- Net wt: 23 lbs

Default color is light blue