small image of starter kit

Agility Starter Kit G



Shipping Charge TBD

We want to offer you some ideas for a dog agility starter kit. You can purchase the actual agility equipment as shown in the picture, or choose several options for your order. Just browse through our website to give you an idea, or just pick one of the starter kits.

Prices for the agility starter kits may vary depending on options selected.   The dog agility teeter plank is included in the starter kit price, there will be an additional freight charge. However, you can save shipping charges by purchasing your own plank at a local hardware store.  We offer a plank kit to attach to the plank and base.  Browse through our agility teeter page to give you an idea.

 The dog agility equipment price includes:
-  12 training weave pole;,  3/4" with ink label on PVCs; blue and black colored tape, unless specified 
-  12 ft. plank; adjustable teeter base with ink label on PVCs; blue and yellow paint color, unless specified
-   20" diameter size tire with ink labels on frame; blue, black, and white colored tape (unless specified)