Ah!  Where do I begin?  What is the best dog agility equipment to begin with at home?  So many options.....  If you are feeling overwhelmed by what to purchase first for your dog, let us help.  We have grouped together some fun items to begin your backyard training.  These dog agility starter kits are only ideas, we will be happy to mix and match, swap or add to any of the kits.  If you are still puzzled about where to begin, call or email us.

(Starter Kit C Pictures coming soon!)


Agility Starter Kit C


Shipping Charge TBD

This agility equipment price includes USDAA size tire jump with ink labels on PVCs; 12 training weave poles, 3/4" with ink label on PVCs, colored tape; one... More 

Agility Starter Kit F


Shipping Charge TBD

Starter Kit - 4 snap on jumps, 12 weaves, and adjustable teeter