Product & Shipping Warranty

We at Agility by Carlson have had hundreds of satisfied customers over our 8 years of business; however, If you are not satisfied with any of our products, you may return them for a replacement or a refund. Simply return the item, undamaged, in new condition, with your request.

We offer a warranty on all of our equipment against defect in materials and craftsmanship; subject only to the payment of shipping back to us by the customer. Please return any defective product to us and replacement/refund will be provided.

Please understand, however, that any damage or delay which happens during or as a result of shipping is the responsibility of the shipping service. If damage, delay or lost product occurs during shipping, Agility by Carlson will provide assistance in helping you process a claim against the shipper but will not be responsible for any such damage, delay, or lost product. As soon as your order arrives, please inspect the item or items in full detail to make certain the product is complete and in satisfactory condition. Damage occurring during transit should be noted and immediately reported to the shipper. If there is damage or an incomplete item, please inform us within 3-5 days after the arrival date. Shipping service will allow 21 days after receiving package, to file a claim. Anytime after that date, they will not accept damage claims.