For the obedience competition enthusiast, have your own set of 3 jumps in your backyard. Class alone will not give you those beautiful high scores of 195 and above, practicing a little everyday will get you on your way.

Training Jump


Shipping Charge TBD

- Made of 1" PVC Schedule 40- UV-stable, will not fade in the sun, weatherproof
- Panels made from vinyl, lightweight
- PVC bars slide through the panels
- Set of 5 jump heights to your specification; or standard 8", 12", 16", 20", and 24"
- Can be conformed to AKC, USDAA, NADAC, UKC or any organization
- 5 jump cups on each side
- Bars can be used without the panels
- Panels are 3 3/4" high and are cut to fit either 4' or 5' jump bars, or can be cut to your specification.
- Uprights are 36"
- PVC bars (uncleaned) are included per panel
- Net wt: 20 lbs.

Broad jump with stripes


Shipping Charge TBD

- Made from wood, four sections of 8" width board
- Meets AKC competition regulation
- Can be made to your specifications
- Poles not included
- Heavy primer and Duron's finest exterior industrial white paint, strong weather resistant, high quality and durable
- Striped paint 6" wide, color of your choice
- Paint choice; Flat or Gloss
- Net wt. 32 lbs.

PVC Bar Jumps



- Made from 1-1/4" PVC Schedule 40
- One black/white 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 5' bar made from wood, or 1-1/4" PVC 5' bar
- Primer and exterior paint for wooden bar, taped for PVC bar
- UV-stable, will not fade in the sun, weatherproof
- Net weight 14 lbs.