Train on the go.  Load these light weight mini-jumps up into your trunk or SUV, grab an armful and take them to a different training ground every weekend. Also great for the small dog jumping enthusiasts, fill your backyard with these fun easy to move jumps. 

Mini High Jump White


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- Three 8" boards and one 2" board, 36" wide - Made from pinewood - 2 hooks on bottom panel - Heavy primer and Duron's finest exterior industrial white... More 

Mini Triple Jump



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- Made of 3/4" PVC Schedule 40
- Light weight and easy to transport
- PVC cups snapped to PVC
- Comes with THREE - 3/4" PVC bars, 3' or 4' long
- Tape color of your choice
- Weather resistance, UV - stable, will not fade in the sun
- Net wt. 8 lbs.