small image of mini dogwalk with rails

Mini Dog Walk with rails



Shipping Charge TBD

Mini dogwalk is made of 2" PVC Schedule 40, with three 2" by 12" by 5' or 6' planks.  The planks are covered with oil based primer, then add a 2nd coat with Sherwin Williams' finest  coat exterior paint mixed with "no-skid" ingredients to prevent slipping on ramp or top plank.    Includes two 2" PVC stands for support.  Rods are inserted through the gate hinges on both ends of the top plank and attached to ramps on each end.  Height can be adjust to 16" and/or  24".  Railings on both sides helps guide puppies and new dogs across top plank.   Our standard paint color is teal with yellow contact, unless specified.

Net wt:  75 lbs


Helpful hints 

We recommend our heavy duty ground mat for added protection from the wet ground, helping to preserve the life of your equipment.  Purchase our contact trainer and get the mat for the dogwalk side and A-frame side at half price. 

To prevent rods in A-frame and Dogwalk from rust, it is best to spray with clear rustoleum.