Great for training, parks, or backyards!  “Mini” means smaller than competition size.  Mini equipment is still made from strong, sturdy material that can hold big dogs too.  Free clicker and handouts with every purchase!!

Mini Pause Table


Shipping Charge TBD

The mini pause table is made from 1 1/4" PVC Schedule 40,  table top is measured 24" by 24", and its weather resistance, made of outdoor turf. ... More 

Mini Teeter


Shipping Charge TBD

Our mini teeter is made of 2" PVC Schedule 40, the board is either 2" by 12" by 5' or 2" by 12" by 6'.  The board is covered with oil based primer,... More 

Mini Dog Walk with rails


Shipping Charge TBD

Mini dogwalk is made of 2" PVC Schedule 40, with three 2" by 12" by 5' or 6' planks.  The planks are covered with oil based primer, then add a 2nd... More