K9 Catch A-Frame


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The K9 Catch A-frame is complete with 2 sides:  6 ft high by 4 ft. wide with three slats on one side and 2 slats on the other side; 4 ft. chains are hooked to eyebolts with quick links.   The table is 4 ft wide by 3 ft. long and is attached to the A-frame side with braces and legs bolted in.  Next is the ramp which is 4 ft. wide by 6 ft long and is attached to the table with hinges and a rod underneath. The exterior plywood is made of high quality material , is painted with heavy coat of exterior oil based primer, then adding several top coats of Sherwin Williams finest exterior latex paint.  The A-frame, table, and ramp is easy to assemble or take apart.  Paint color is white, unless specified.