K9 training double stairs

Double Stair



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This K9 training equipment is measured 8 ft. tall, 24 ft. length, and 40 in. wide. Steps are 16" tall to next step. Each side has 5 steps. There are 5 main sections to put together and take down. Two main step sections on each side and the middle tower/platform. Top platform is measured 3 ft. long and 40" wide. Underneath each stair section is a stand to support the stair section. There are a total of four stand supports. Just simply set the stair section on each stand, but will need 2 strong able people to set it up. The stair sections are attached on each side with nuts and bolts (you will need a socket wrench and plier. The platform tower attaches to the top step with nuts and bolts. Heavy primer and Duron's finest semi-gloss coat exterior are painted on the sides, supports, stands, and beams. The platform and steps are applied with no-skid paint to prevent from slipping. The double stair is well built, can hold a person going up and down the stairs with the dog. It is by far the biggest piece of K9 equipment.