K9 Training Equipment

This K9 training equipment is used for organizations such as USPCA, NAPWDA, and DOD. They can also be used for other training purpose. The K9 training equipment can be customized to your specific sport or need. All material is built from wood and plywood, except the chain linked fence. All K9 training equipment is painted white with exterior oil based primer. Surface areas are covered with white flat exterior latex mixed with "no-skid" material to reduce slipping. Non-surface areas are painted with white industrial enamel coating, which gives a bright and shiny appearance. These paint products are weather resistant.


For delivery or shipping quote for K9 training equipment, contact us at brad@carlson-agility.com or call us at 717-597-5076, Good Dog School. Price is based on pickups only. 

K9 Catch A-Frame
Shipping Charge TBD

The K9 Catch A-frame is complete with 2 sides:  6 ft high by 4 ft. wide with three slats on one side and 2 slats on the other side; 4 ft. chains are... More 



Shipping Charge TBD

4 ft. high catwalk includes 8 ft. ramp and 6 ft. ladder set at roughly 27 degrees. 6 ft. high catwalk includes 10ft. ramp and 8 ft. ladder. Easy and fast... More 

Platform Climb


Shipping Charge TBD

The K9 training platform climb is 6 ft. high with a 4 ft. by 4 ft. square platform at the top. The climbs attached to the top platform includes an open... More 

K9 Dogwalk B


Shipping Charge TBD

This K9 Dogwalk includes three 2" x 12" x 8' sections, three 2 by 4's to reduce bouncing when in use, and a choice with slats or no slats.  The wooden... More 

K9 Dogwalk A


Shipping Charge TBD

The side ramps are attached to the top ramp with hinges and rods. There are three 2 by 4's under each plank to reduce the bouncing. Two 2" pvc stand for... More 



Shipping Charge TBD

The K9 A-frame is complete with two sides; 6, 8, or 9 ft. high by 3 fts. wide, made from exterior plywood with wood 2" by 4" for support underneath.... More 

K9 Dog Crawl


Shipping Charge TBD

This is our latest K9 training equipment addition.  The dog crawl is 8 ft long by 4 ft. wide and 16" high.  Sides are attached to underneath roof... More 

K9 Platform Trainer


Shipping Charge TBD

This training equpment is all treated wood. Platforms are 4 ft. by 4 ft., lower platform is 2 ft high, and higher platform is 4 ft. high.  Ramp is 2... More 

K9 Window Hurdle


Shipping Charge TBD

There are seven removable - 6" panels , with another two - 6" panels fixed on top frame. Window dimension is roughly 40" wide by 30" high. Top window frame... More 

Car Door Jump


Shipping Charge TBD

This K9 equipment is 48" high, with table measured 26" wide by 24" out. Top table surface is roughly 18" from ground. Bottom base is 3 ft. long for... More 

Tunnel Connector
Shipping Charge TBD

Add a "L" shaped tunnel connector to make training more challenging for dogs.  Connector fits either 18" or  24" diameter tunnel.  We... More 

Brick Wall Hurdle


Shipping Charge TBD

This brick wall jump is 48" wide by 36" high, with 3 ft. long bottom base for better stability and support.  Panel is attached to stands with bolts... More