set of 2 dog agility jumps

Dog agility single jumps - 1" PVC set of 2



Our dog agility single jump is lightweight and easy to transport.  The jump is made of 1" PVC Schedule 40, which is UV stable, will not fade in the sun and its weatherproof.    The bar heights are marked at 8" thru 24" with 4" increments.  You have a choice of ordering 2 or 5 jump cups each stands.  Uprights are 36" tall, comes in 9 parts:  2 uprights, 2 jump bars 4ft or 5ft., bottom base, and 4 legs.  To view jump bar style, click on our Tape Style Colors.  Custom designs are available when requested.

A great offer you can't save $24 if you purchase a PAIR of 3/4" or 1" Wingless PVC jump set.

Tape color:  builder's choice unless specified.

Net wt:  12 lbs