dog agility triple jump panels

Dog Agility Triple Jump (AKC)



Shipping Charge TBD
This dog agility AKC triple jump is made of 1" PVC Schedule 40, is light weight and easy to transport.  The agility jump includes three 1" PVC bars, 4 ft. or 5 ft. length; and 30 aluminum jump cups.  The PVC is weather resistance, UV -stable, and will not fade in sun (no sun lotion needed and unfortunately will not tan either!).  Pick a tape color of your choice and view the bar tape style on Tape Style.  Paint color (plywood) of your choice.

Note:   AKC recently added 26" height.  The base price is 24" height.  If you want to add 26", it will cost an additional $9.00.  Please choose either up to 24" or 26" height in the "Jump cups" box above.

Net wt: 25 lbs