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Are you looking for dog agility equipment?

Welcome to the world of Dog Agility!  You have come to the right place.  Dog Agility is a fun team sport that you and your dog can enjoy together. Using dog agility equipment combines advanced off-leash obedience and obstacle familiarization. To help you browse through our site, we have 9 main categories of dog agility equipment:

Contact Trainer
Agility Jumps
Obedience Jumps
Tire Jump
UKC Equipment
Starter Kit
Weave Poles/Guide Wires
Mini-Contact Equipment
Contact Equipment
Straight weave poles for dog agility Training tools for dogs Dog agility jumps and bars

Are you purchasing dog agility equipment for the first time?

Can't decide what agility equipment you want or need for your dog?  No WORRIES!  That is the ULTIMATE reason we are here to help.  A full dog agility course is wonderful to have, but it’s not necessary to begin your home training. First, think of your backyard size and what it can hold. You may want to get an 8 foot Dog-walk instead of a standard 12 foot. You may consider 4 single jumps instead of 1 single and a triple jump. Our dog agility jumps are made so that you can twist off two of the bottom legs and place two or three agility jumps close together to practice that triple jump.

Second, when considering the dog agility equipment you want to purchase, consider the size and speed of your dog. We use 3/4” PVC or 1” PVC for most agility jumps or weave poles. If your dog is small and light weight, 3/4” will suffice and you can spread your budget further.


Are you adding to your dog agility obstacle course at home or club?

You can never have enough dog agility equipment or jumps. My wife has 20 agility jumps on her course, and still wants more. If space allows, setup a jump chute using 8 jumps. Leave them in place, separate from your course training, and practice a few minutes a day. You can practice straight line exercises, angled jumps, box drills, or circular drills. Or try adding a tire jump to your pinwheel excercise.

Or is it time to make your big Contact purchase? Select one Contact equipment obstacle that will fit into your space. If you live close enough to us you can come pick it up. If you don’t live close enough for a pickup, we also make hardware kits, jump cups, and weave spikes to help you get started building your own dog agility equipment.


Are you introducing dog agilty equipment to your kennel or doggie day care?

We can help here also!  We run a full boarding and doggie day care that uses our agility equipment for dogs to exercise and play on.  We can recommend what would work best for your facility or backyard.  Just email us


Is there a dog training issue that has developed for your dog?

Has your dog had a bad experience on an obstacle? Dog agility equipment such as Mini-equipment are useful tools to rebuild confidence in your dog. Mini-teeter, Mini-Dogwalk or Contact Trainer are great tools to help your dog be confident and happy again. We sell inexpensive training aids to help you build confidence in your dog. Training aids, such as,

Traveling Planks
Weave Poles
and Guide Wires

All are great tools for retraining experienced dogs or teaching young puppies!


Who else is using our Dog Agility Equipment?

Our product line has expanded to K9 training equipment for organizations such as, USPCA, NAPWDA, and DOD. Also, our dog agility equipment is being customized and modified for Search and Rescue, Retriever Training, as well as Drug & Bomb Detection Training. Furthermore, we also sell mini contact equipment for Doggie Parks, Doggie Daycares, Campgrounds, and Kennel Playgrounds.

Oh, my! Still feeling overwhelmed?  Let us guide you to our Agility Starter Kits

Obstacles are categorized into jumps, contacts, and weaves. It would be ideal if everyone could have a full training course in their backyard. Unfortunately, the ideal can't always be achieved due to lack of space or money. So, if you are just starting in agility what do you buy first?  We want to offer you some ideas for a starter kit. You can purchase the actual group as shown in the picture, or choose several options for your order. Just browse through our website to give you some ideas, or just pick one of the agility starter kitsWe will be more than happy to help out with the details.

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K9 training equipment

Do you have a question on dog agility equipment or K9 training equipment?  We can help!

We would be happy to offer our professional and experienced insight.  As a family, we have been training dogs for over 30 years in obedience, field work, pet manners, and agility for the past 10 years.  Just email us

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