1) Can I get a full refund if not satisfied?

2) How do I use the shopping cart?

3) Can I clean off the ink print and labels on the pvc's?

4) Whats the difference between cleaned and uncleaned PVC?

5) Facts about Agility
a. Where can I find out about Dog Agility clubs and organizations?
b. What should I look for when buying my Dog Agility Equipment?
c. Is there a different Agility Equipment used in training vs competition?
d. What Dog Training Equipment should I buy first?
e. Can my dog do Agility?
f. Can I get some Dog Training tips when I purchase equipment?

6) Is there extra shipping charge for my order?

7) What does "Freight charge TBD" mean?


Can I get a full refund if not satisified?

Absolutely!! At Agility by Carlson we strive to develop raving fans in our clients. A raving fan is a client that loves our product, our service and us. Therefore, we are happy to offer a 100% money-back return on all equipment returned back to us in resalable condition within 30 days of purchase (minus the shipping). Because we know this is an inconvenience on both ends, we make a special effort to describe each obstacle in complete detail, so you know exactly what you are getting. It rarely happens that anyone wants to return anything, but if for some reason you either change your mind or it was not what you expected, we will do everything we can to make you a raving fan!

We would be happy to assist you with any equipment questions. If you are a novice in the sport of agility or on the master's level, we have equipment that can meet your backyard or competion needs. Our goal is to serve you with a quality product at a reasonal price, making you a satisfied customer who will want to come back and order more equipment. Looking for more equipment, fell free to browse our site, click here.

Call us at 717-597-5076, Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm (eastern time), if you have any other questions!
Or email me directly, brad@carlson-agility.com

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How do I use the Shopping cart?

When you first enter the shop, you are assigned a shopping cart that holds your purchases. Whenever you see an item that you want to purchase, you can add it to your cart by entering the number of items to add and clicking on the "Add To Cart" button for that item. You will then see the contents of your shopping cart, including the item(s) that you just added.

At any time, you can view or change the contents of your cart by clicking on the "View Cart" link at the top of the page. You can remove items from your cart by simply setting the quantity to 0 and updating your cart or by clicking the remove icon identified by the trash can.

When you have finished collecting items, you can click on the "Checkout" button located in the "View Cart" area, assuming that you are logged in. You will be given the chance to verify your purchase before proceeding to checkout.

If you are not logged in you will need to either create an account, or login in order to use the shopping cart.

1). Is my order secure?
When you are in the final checkout mode, you should see a lock shown on your browser somewhere at the bottom of your screen. This means that the order is secure. This is only important when submitting credit card information.

2). Can I view the status of my orders?
Yes you can do this at anytime. Simply click the "View Account" button located on the top of each page.

3). Who do I contact with my questions?
You may email your questions to brad@carlson-agility.com anytime or call us at 717-597-5076.

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Can I clean off the ink print and labels on the pvc's?

Absolutely! However it is an ardious task and takes some time to wipe off.
I find the easiest way is to clean off the heavy ink with an utility rag and acetone. Once most of the heavy ink is wiped off, I used steel wool with acetone and found it removed the ink completely.

Can I clean it in my home?
Well, the chemical or Acetone has strong fumes, and it is recommended to clean in a well ventilated area. The fumes have been reported to cause headaches, and dizziness if not carefully handled. We use chemical gloves and masks in our shop.

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Whats the difference between cleaned and uncleaned PVC?

For the uncleaned pvc's, we leave the company labels, bar codes, black or red print, etc. as it is on the pvc. Of course, we will wipe off the dirty parts for you. Cleaning pvc is not easy. There is no guarantee the ink will be completely wiped off. Some ink print are emboddied deep inside the pvc and it is nearly impossible to clean off even with the finest chemical remover. The best way to remove the ink is to sand it off, but that will leave rough marks on the pvc. Cleaning pvc costs more because the chemical is expensive and time consuming. If you order cleaned pvc and noticed some prints, don't be dismayed because your dog wont care about the looks!

Some ink on the uncleanded pvc is invisible on some products such as teeter base, dogwalk stands, and pause table. We assemble the inkside of the pvc facing down or underneath so it looks as if its cleaned.

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Where can I find out about Dog Agility Clubs and organizations?

Dog agility trials are becoming more and more popular the world over. They began in England, as so many good things, do, but "agility fever" quickly spread all over the globe. Now there are clubs and events everywhere that there are dogs.

Some clubs include the Kennel Club (in the U.K.), the United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA), the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Agility Association of Canada (AAC). However, you need not be affiliated with or even live near a club or training facility to enjoy the sport of dog agility. Here at Agility by Carlson, we make the equipment you need to begin engaging in this sport at home.

Dog Agility Clubs Are Everywhere!
Dogs are intelligent creatures, and they love a challenge. As the aforementioned kennel clubs are well aware, every breed has its own strengths and assets, both physically and intellectually. It's great fun to explore what your dog can do, and even train for competitions!

Even if you train your dog on your own dog agility course, and don't wish to be affiliated with any groups, it's still a good idea to stay in touch with them via phone or e-mail to stay aware of any events that may be happening in your area. Dog owners are a great group of people, and love to share advice and success stories. Dog agility events are also a great way to get outside and meet and greet other great pets. Are you read to make agility selection? Click here.

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What should I look for when buying my Dog Agility Equipment?

Dog agility trials are challenging sporting events similar to equestrian jumping competitions, and people looking for dog agility equipment should have one thing in mind: durability. Here at Agility by Carlson, we make equipment that is built to last. We know that this is a sport that is highly addictive; once you've got the bug, you and your dog will spend all of your spare time outdoors!

Our equipment is made from lightweight PVC schedule 40, which is easy to ship and weather-resistant. We also make some equipment from wood that is coated with Duron products to keep them good-looking and resilient for years to come. Both you and your dog will love the products that we make here at Agility by Carlson, since we put care and attention into every single piece.

Dog Agility Equipment that Is Affordable and Durable!
We offer dogwalks, A-frames, teeters, tire jumps, chutes, barrels, and single/double/triple jumps. For people who are just starting out with agility training, we also offer starter kits so that you can quickly get started on setting up your own course. Dogs love to be challenged; they are thinking creatures that will have as much fun with the sport of agility training as you will.

Agility by Carlson can get many orders out in one week. When demand is heavy, it can take 2-3 weeks, but we do our best! We know that you want to get out there and get training, and a working dog is a happy dog. Click here to browse our website for your agility equipment.

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Is there a different Agility Equipment used in training vs competition?

More and more people are searching for quality, affordable dog agility equipment. Handlers, trainers, breeders, and beginners want good, hand-made jumps and obstacles that won't cost an arm and a leg. Here at Agility by Carlson, we offer products that reflect our love of the sport, and we get them out to you ASAP, working hard on your order until it's complete.

Agility trials are growing in popularity around the country, and they are a great way to show off the intelligence and skill of breeds like Belgian and Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, and Shelties. Even police departments and fire departments are joining in the fun, showcasing the talents of their working dogs. As people learn more about the capacity of dogs for decisive, intelligent action, they become more interested in local and national agility competitions.

Agility Equipment That's for the Dogs!
Working with certain breeds of dogs is incredibly rewarding. They are friendly, responsive, and quick-to-learn. Agility training is also a healthy sport for both canine and owner, as it gets you outside and active in the fresh air.

Agility by Carlson agility equipment helps both beginners and advanced enthusiasts build their love of the sport. Jumps, teeters, and other "forms" all offer fun and challenge to any outdoor course. We'll respond to your order quickly, and you and your pet can develop a challenging, healthy passion for agility training. Need training aids to help develop the perfect behavior? Click here.

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What Dog Training Equipment should I buy first?

Agility competition for dogs became popular all over the world in the 1980s, and agility enthusiasts have been looking for top-notch dog training equipment that is better looking and more durable than home-made obstacles, while still being affordable. Here at Agility by Carlson, we are out to encourage love of the sport. We think this high-energy form of competition and fun is something that can bring people and dogs together in a spirit of excellence, and we interact with our customers accordingly.

Some of the dog training equipment we offer includes A-frames, dogwalks, weave poles, mini contact equipment, contact trainer, jumps (single, double, and triple), chutes, barrels, and teeters. Everything you need to set up a competition course can be easily ordered and quickly assembled. We also offer starter kits so that people can get started right away, with a good selection of equipment.

We Offer World-Class Dog Training Equipment
Your dog training equipment should be durable enough to withstand practice session after practice session with no risk of injury to you or your dog. We make our equipment out of durable, well-sealed materials that are weatherproof and built to last. Safety and visual appeal are what matter in dog training equipment, and it's what we offer at Agility by Carlson.

Training facilities and clubs are great places to meet other dog agility competitors and their enthusiastic owners. We ship to clubs, kennels, and private addresses. We respond as quickly as possible to every request for equipment, and our customers can attest to the strength and resiliency that our passion brings to the sport. Looking for our Starter Kit? Click here.

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Can my dog do Agility?

Agility events are ideal for dogs, who embody a unique blend of physical stamina and balance, as well as an intellectual capacity that continues to astound spectators at dog agility trials. Dog agility events really became popular in the early 1980s, and the movement is still going strong. What makes this sport so easy to engage in is the fact that you can build your own course right in your own backyard or local field.

Some dogs, especially the working breeds, excel at agility events. It's amazing what a Border Collie or Australian Shepherd can do with weave poles and teeters, and some dogs can simply fly over triple jumps without breaking a sweat. However, agility training also tests the handler, owner, or trainer; you must work closely and confidently with your dog to create a winning team.

Dog Agility Is Growing in Popularity
At Agility by Carlson, we see dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds (including mixed breeds) come into their own when presented with a bit of agility training. This really is the best way to keep you and your dog fit, physically and mentally. The experience of being out of doors, working with "Prince," "Rover," or "Rex" is rewarding, and lets you experience the immense capacity that dogs have for fun and challenge.

If you have a small back yard, you can make the most of your space with teeters and weave poles, which allow the dog to have a challenging course in just a few cubic meters. For those of you with larger spaces, jumps are fun, and really help the dog feel the spirit of success as he or she flies over single, double, and triple jumps (with delicious treats waiting in your pocket on the other side, naturally!). It isn't necessary to have a half-acre or even a lot of money to enjoy this sport; you simply need a bit of space and a starter kit, and you are ready to go. "5....4....3....2....1.....Contact!" Click here to view our contact equipment.

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Can I get some Dog Training tips when I purchase equipment?

Some people hear the phrase "dog training," and envision hours of tedium, instructing a canine to "sit!" and "stay!" However, here at Agility by Carlson, we have a very different view of the process. We make all of the equipment that dog owners need to create smart, fun dog agility courses, so that you can get on the road to agility competition.

Dog training can be a blast, for both dog and owner. Forget traditional commands, and think instead of training a competition-fit dog, one that can leap high jumps in a single bound, and can negotiate teeter-totters without batting an eyelash. This is the new era of dog training, and it's a world away from "boring!"

A New Era of Dog Training
Kennels, clubs, breeders, and trainers the world over are wildly enthusiastic about dog agility events. What better way to both showcase a breed and the talents of individual dogs? We all know that our pets are capable of feeling, thinking, and acting like champs, and now we can prove it.

At Agility by Carlson, we sell durable, affordable, and great-looking dog agility equipment. As soon as your order comes in, we get right to work to craft you jumps and other obstacles that will keep you and your dog happy for years to come. Your dog will look and feel younger, livelier, and happier as he or she has a "playground of dreams!" Browse our website, help is on every page, click here.

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Is there extra shipping charge for my order?

If you noticed the shipping logo truck marked "Free Shipping" there is no extra charge for shipping. If it says "Shipping charge TBD", we will send you email the shipping quote after the order was submitted.

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What does "Freight charge TBD" mean?

When an order is submitted, we will email you the freight quote. If we don't hear back in 3 business days, we will go ahead and process the order. If the shipping address is to a business address, it will be $90 less than the base price.

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