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Hi Brad, I got the mini teeter set up today. No dog on it, yet, but that will be after supper.  I was so prepared to have to use tools to assemble, but to my delight didn't need any.  I'm not very handy with tools (and my sons have moved out on their own) so I was greatly relieved.  My husband reluctantly helps if I look very pathetic.  Thanks.

Janet, Wisc 



I received my teeter and am very pleased.  It's an excellent design and works like champ.  I painted it with one of the paints for plastic which makes it look like a million bucks.  Our agility class is large and we don't get a lot of time for teeter work, so I was needing one to continue my training at home.  My dog, Jaxom, has progressed very well and loves it now.

Thanks again for an outstanding product.      Rex 



I received the table today.  It was very, very easy to put together.  Thanks for a great product.     Ken


Thank you so much!

When I arrived home today (50 miles from Phoenix, out in the sticks) the packages were sitting on my porch.  My son had assembled the tire jump and the teeter base.  Later we put together the weave poles.

I want to acknowledge you for the awesome equipment!  Everything fits tightly, is made of high quality materials, and the directions were easy to follow.  I will recommend your equipment to all of my agility practice partners.  I am looking forward to future purchases.

Thank you so very much for your professional touch!     Troy, AZ


Thank you for your prompt and professional services. I will certainly make you my first choice for Agility Equipment!

Best regards,

Vicki, Canada 


The part for our weave poles arrived today.  Thank you so much for replacing it.

Over the weekend we took all our agility equipment (hurdles, tire jump, and weave poles) and went the park with a friend to practice.  We had great fun.  The equipment was easy to take down, transport, and reassemble at the park.  We've had a couple of rainy days so it hasn't been reassembled on the patio again, but that won't take long.  It's like playing with Tinkertoys!  Our friend was impressed with the quality of the equipment you build.

I will certainly recommend Agility by Carlson to others.  It's been a pleasure doing business with you.  Thanks again!     Kathleen



Just a quick note to thank you for your prompt delivery.  I really appreciate that you matched the tire and jump colors.

My mother and father were thrilled with the equipment, and the Cardigans seem to enjoy it as well.

Best of luck, and thanks again.     Drew


Dear Brad,

I am writing to let you know my jumps arrived today.  I couldn't be more pleased and excited!!!  One can truly see and feel the pride you have in your work.  The jumps are beautiful.  The packing and box construction must have been an effort all on its own.

I have everything all "snapped" together and can't wait to try them out.  Poochie will think he's at Disney World!!!  Unfortunately, I'll have to wait for the back yard to dry out a bit - it's really soggy right now.

I will certainly recommend you every chance I get. Your quality and workmanship are outstanding. 

Thank You . . . Thank You . . .Thank You!!!  If I ever get ready for something more fancy (doubles or triples? EEK!), I'll contact you for sure.


 Gwenn & Poochie  :-)


I just wanted to let you guys know that Brie loves his new equipment.

Thanks for doing such a great job on it. The replacement rod came, thanks again.

And please let me apologize, you guys drove all that way out here and I didn't even think to offer you a cup of coffee or a bathroom break.

I was just so happy that the stuff looked so good that I wasn't thinking. So next time you're passing through just give a holler and I'll have the coffee ready. Hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday season.   George


I got them on Saturday! Thanks very much for the quick shipment. They work very well.


Elinor, NJ


Thanks Brad for all your help.  You do great work on all your equipment.



Hi there! 

I just wanted to let you know that all four boxes of my agility equipment order arrived yesterday while I was at work.  I assembled the tire jump, the weave poles, and the pause table right away and practiced on them (with my dog) within minutes after dragging the boxes into the house!  They look great!  It is so nice to actually have a tire jump to practice with ... and real weave poles, instead of spaced paint cans ... and a pause table, instead of a suitcase laying flat on one side!  :-)   I did not assemble the teeter yet.  I had planned on buying the board and having it all painted and ready for when the teeter based arrived, but decided to wait until I could see what color of blue paint that I needed to purchase.  You're right, this blue is exactly what I had in mind!  So now I'm ready to start painting this weekend.

Thank you for sending the $35. check and all of the instructions, as well as the sample of the "clip-on" bar support.  I hope to be able to order more items after I build up my "agility spending account" again. 

Thank you for your nice work!




I got the weave pole chute and set it up, and it is really neat!

Especially since I can set it up with the directions, and I am NOT mechanical!  Thanks again, and now I hope we are on the way to weaving!!  I am glad I know where I can get and refer people for agility equipment.  One of the fellows in our club made me a teeter, and a friend made me a mini-dog walk on saw horses, so that should do me for awhile, but  who knows what I may need from you next!!

Janet, MI


Hi Brad,

I just wanted to let you know I received my order and I put everything together on Saturday.

It looks great and my dogs are starting to use everything.  The weave poles are going to be the hardest (I knew they would be!) They love the pause table!  They're a little confused.  THEY think it's a Pomeranian sun deck! I already have them going over the two jumps, through the tunnel I had,and on to the pause table (where of course they get a treat!)  My husband thinks I'm nuts, but we're all having fun!  When they get used to everything, I'll probably get back to you to order a tire.

Thanks again!      Stacey


Hi Brad,

I recieved the cups on the 16th. Wow, fast!  The cups work great and make working with different dogs a "snap"!


Thanks!  Erin, OR


Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.

I am planning on having friends over to see my new equipment.  I am the ASCA rep for Georgia so all my Aussie friends will be over to see your equipment.

Denise, GA



I received the tire and snapcups today.  It took me just a few minutes to set up the tire and it's great.  Cessna loves it  and I really appreciate it!

Thanks!    Dorothy 


Hi Brad,

The poles arrived today. They will work out just fine! Thanks so much for the quick shipping and nice product. I have bookmarked your website, and will check in with you for any future equipment needs. I've already got my eyes on a couple of things!

Thanks again and take care,



Dear Brad, As of this morning, everything has now arrived, and it is all beautiful !!!  Thank you very much for the great craftsmanship.  I am so pleased with your product. It has been a pleasure to do business with you, I may need your services again sometime in the future.

Sincerely, Jean 


Brad, I received the rest of my order and I'm very pleased.  I will be ordering other things from you in the near future.  I'm interested in the smaller A-frame and wont to know if it can be shipped?  Thanks again you did a great job.  I even put some plants on each side of the window and it really makes it look neat.

Thanks,      Darla



I received the tire jump in good condition but did not get to use it until this past week due to sickness in my family. I just wanted to take time to thank you... it is a great piece of equipment in every way, and is made so well. We will really enjoy using it. Thanks!     Besan


Hi Brad,
Received the triple jump and its very nice,  I am sure I will be ordering more in spring.


Hello Agility by Carlson!

I bought equipment from you last fall to put in our community dog park and it's official!  And I completely forgot to send you the information earlier this summer.  The picture doesn't show the pause table, weave poles or A-frame; they are to the viewer's right. I am attaching the newspaper article that was written about our event and the signage that shows Jade when she used the park and the old equipment before her passing.  Thanks so much for your great new equpiment!

Lori, OH



The tire assembly arrived last Saturday but I didn't open it until today because of a week of rainy weather and work. -

I am impressed --- It is well made and elegant in its own fashion (a plus since it is part of the view outside my study window. I used it right away and liked the ingenious approach to setting height levels. Thanks for the vaseline hint - it will be easier to disassemble during storm season instead of having to cover it with a tarp.




 Our new weave poles arrived during a snow storm (and in the south, that means a total shut down).  It took me a while to catch up, but I've set them up and started practicing. We love them!  I'm new to agility and certainly weave training, but we are in an agility foundations class and getting some good advice and lessons. The instructor said we would probably never learn weave poles without having some at home and yours are just perfect - so easy to set up and move in and out.  Thanks for the clicker and the amazingly well made and easy to set up poles! 

Riley says thanks too!

I'll be looking to order more things soon.

All my best,



Just wanted to tell you that I received my weave poles and I am absolutely delighted with them!  They are perfect — and your service is excellent.  Will certainly order from you again.  Thank You!!!