small image of contact trainer

2 Piece Contact Trainer



Shipping Charge TBD

The 3' by 3' or 4' by 3' A-frame is made from 1/2" outdoor plywood, and the 2" by 12" by 5' and 2" by 12" by 6'  dogwalk is made from a plank.  The surface is painted with no skidd paint, oil base primer and exterior top coating to give a long lasting look.    You have a choice of slats or no slats.  Items included two 36" chains, 4 eyebolts, a rod,  and 4 quick links attached.  The contact trainer is easy to setup, align the hinges together and slip in rod through the hinges.  

We recommend our heavy duty ground mat for added protection from the wet ground, helping to preserve the life of your equipment.  Purchase our contact trainer and get the mat for the dogwalk side and A-frame side at half price.  

Net wt:  A-frame - 35 lbs; Dogwalk - 20 lbs 
Our standard paint color is blue and yellow contact, unless specified.  Default height is 12".