Teeter Totter Plank With Adjustable Base



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The dog agility teeter set comes complete with a painted plank, 2" x 12" x 12'; a base, 2" PVC Schedule 40 and set at either 16" or 24" height.  The plank is first primed with a heavy exterior oil based primer, then we add Sherwin William's finest flat coat exterior paint mixed with "no-skid" ingredients to prevent from slipping.  The teeter base is easy to adjust, bar slips in and out of the PVC frame, re-insert at the other height hole, then tighten with wing nuts.  Base is also very solid, strong, and stable.  The two caps on the top base may be opened for adding sand through the piping, for heavier weight and stronger stability.  Teeter set may be left outdoors year round, its UV-stable and will not fade in sun.  Our dog classes have used the teeter set numerous times over the years with all dogs and weight sizes.  The teeter set weights 65 lbs.  Standard paint color is purple and yellow, unless specified.

Shipping notice - The base will be disassembled when shipping.  You will need to glue the 3 bridges to the 2 main sections, using PVC cement.  The cement can be purchase at a local hardware store.  Instruction is included in the shipping.