Everyone competing in agility should have their own teeter and weaves.  These are the two obstacles that can cause the most trouble for handlers.  Let your dog have lots of practice time with the teeter. A great training aid for the teeter is the Buja Board.

Adjustable Teeter Totter Base


Shipping Charge TBD


2" PVC Schedule 40 base support
- Height adjust to 16" or 24", (to view 16" height, click on Zoom In above)
- Easy to adjust, bar slips in and out, tighten with wing nuts
- Base very solid, strong, and stable
- Lightweight and easy to transport
- Leave outdoors year round, UV-stable - will not fade in the sun
- We used this base hundreds of times with a variety of dogs, especially big ones in classes
- Net wt: 25 lbs.

Plank Board


Shipping Charge TBD

Plank Kit for Teeter Totter



- Two 2 x 4 blocks; 2 braces; 4 wing nuts; 4 screws; and 4 hanger bolts
- Instructions on how to do it yourself is included
- Net wt: 3 lbs.