Start with the apex low so your dog can go over with confidence.  Gradually increase the height, but don’t let your dog stop at the top and survey his kingdom, keep him focused.

A - Frame (wood) - 8 ft.


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A - Frame (wood) - 9 ft.


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Training A-Frame


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The Mini A-frame is complete with two 47" long by 34" wide sides, made from plywood with wood 2"x4" for support underneath.  The plywood is made of... More 

A-Frame Kit



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- Make your own frame and save lots of money!
- Kit consists of 36 screws for the 3 - 4" gate hinges, 2 - 7 ft. heavy duty chains. 4 eye bolts. 4 quick links. and 1 - 3 ft. rod to attach the two sections together
- Instructions included (see below for more details)
- Net wt: 6 lbs.

Note: Instructions are for hardware kit attachments only, not how to build a frame. You build your own frame and use our hardware kit for attachment.