small image of 8 ft. a-frame

A - Frame (wood) - 8 ft.



Shipping Charge TBD

A-Frame must be shipped freight - ask for quote

The 8 ft. A-frame is complete with two 8 ft.  long by 3 ft. wide sides, made from plywood with wood 2"x4" for support underneath.  The plywood is made of high quality material, is painted with heavy coat of exterior oil based primer, then adding several top coats of Sherwin Williams finest exterior latex paint.  Includes three 4" gate hinges with one 3 ft. rod to hold the 2 main sections together, and beveled wood slats on surface spaced 12" apart,  to prevent from slipping, and a couple heavy duty chains.  The A-frame is easy to assemble or take apart.  Paint color is blue with yellow contact, unless specified.

Helpful hints

We recommend our  heavy duty ground mat  for added protection from the wet ground, helping to preserve the life of your equipment.  Purchase our A-frame and get the mat for the both sides at half price.

To prevent rods in A-frame from rust, it is best to spray with clear rustoleum.

Warning....The A-frame is designed for AKC and USDAA heights,  setting  the apex height at 5 ft. or higher.  To set it lower than 5 ft. will cause structural stress on the eyebolts which may cause them to bend or pull out, leading to collapse, and possible injury of the dog.  Anything lower than 5 ft. needs additional support underneath the top 2 sections of the frame with a saw horse or the like.


Net wt:  170 lbs.