A Sport For Any Dog: Information About Small Dog Agility Equipment

Certainly it's no surprise that a border collie or perhaps an Australian shepherd would be great candidates for the world of dog agility. However, truly any dog, regardless of size or breed can be successful at this exciting dog sport. All it takes is some careful training, and in the case of a tinier pooch, some small dog agility equipment.

As dog agility professionals, we recognize the need for small dog agility equipment. Therefore, we sell a full line of mini agility equipment that is perfect for smaller breeds as well as puppies.

We also have found that our customers sometimes will use the small dog agility equipment with a larger dog simply because you can fit so many miniature pieces into your backyard.

Our line of small dog agility equipment includes mini contact equipment such as the mini pause table, mini teeter, mini dog walk and miniature a-frame.

We also have a chute and barrel designed specifically for small dogs. Mini jumps are another item to consider and we have single jumps, broad jumps, panel jumps and even mini tire jumps.

When it comes to competitions, each organization has a variety of categories based upon the size, age and experience level of the dogs. For smaller dogs, the height and sizes of equipment vary somewhat. In addition, the actual types of equipment also vary. For instance, some courses might have a panel jump and others might not. Most organizations, such as the United States Dog Agility Association or USDAA, will list all of their rules and regulations on their websites. They also include information about upcoming competitions.

As for which piece of small dog agility equipment to purchase first, it really all depends. Some people begin with the pause table as it also provides the opportunity to continue practicing basic commands such as sit, stay and lay down. Jumps also can make good first pieces of equipment, but some people start with a tunnel.

While there is no hard and fast rule about where to start in regards to small dog agility equipment, consistency and patience are the two biggest keys to success. Use the same commands and signals consistently and don't become impatient with your dog. After all, dog agility should be about having fun with your furry friend and creating a strong bond between dog and person. It takes time to learn all of these skills, but once they are mastered, your dog will have a blast zipping around the agility course.

Take a look at our small dog agility equipment. While on our home page, go to the Products tab and you will find mini jumps and mini contact equipment as well as weave poles, training tools and much more. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us an email at any time.

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